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Welcome to a steakhouse with soul.

In a world of white tablecloths and subtle snobbery, we’re doing something rare: being real. We’re less steak and more house. Our house – and yours. 

Urban Farmer was founded on the idea that combining responsibly sourced food, high-quality ingredients and down-to-earth values would create a new kind of steakhouse, where people could create memories and communities could thrive.

Storied Service

An escape from the ordinary, our focus is on reinventing the modern steakhouse in meaningful ways – so you always feel welcomed, relaxed, and comfortable, in a simply sophisticated way. Our intuitive hospitality exceeds expectations by staying one step ahead of your desires, whether stated or implied.

We Craft What You Crave

We responsibly source only the highest-quality ingredients, working with a network of farmers, ranchers, and other local artisans to bring their flavors – and values – to your table. Our culinary teams have the freedom to explore local harvests, seasonal ingredients, and unique partnerships that continuously inspire authentic and inventive updates to our menus. With signature dishes that triumph over every taste bud and a culture that cares for its people, guests, communities, animals, and farmers, we’re a place where thoughtfulness goes full circle.

Sourcing & Sustainability

Unexpected, Unpretentious, Unforgettable. Welcome to Urban Farmer.

Our Team