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Red Belly Honey Specials

At Urban Farmer, we believe in consciously sourced food that reaffirms the direct connection between land and plate, which is why we are so excited to partner with Red Belly Honey. 

Red Belly Honey is a delicious, all-natural, hemp honey infused by bees. The bees that make Red Belly Honey are distinctively different. In addition to collecting nectar from wildflowers and plants, they dine on ruby-red patented hemp nectar that utilizes full-spectrum whole plant hemp. The hemp nectar mixes with the bees' belly enzymes, naturally expressing active cannabinoids (CBD and other beneficial non-psychoactive compounds). Because of the way the hemp honey is naturally produced by bees, Red Belly Honey's CBD is far more effective in smaller quantities than any other CBD. With benefits ranging from stress and anxiety relief, to improved sleep quality and boosted immunity, it's the ultimate superfood. 

What's more, recent studies show the hemp in the bees' diet helps protect them from the harmful effects of pesticides!

Join us from August 15 – September 15 to try our limited-time specials. 


Compressed Watermelon | $19
calamansi pearls, coconut crème, cucumber gel and candied hazelnuts

Red Belly Honey Sour | $15
reposado tequila, honeydew melon, lemon

Try Both For $30


Executive Chef Ryan Rau served his compressed watermelon dish at this year's Food & Wine Classic in Aspen – don't miss your chance to try a taste of Aspen!

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