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ZERO Waste Cocktail

May 09, 2022 until May 22, 2022

At Urban Farmer, we believe in consciously sourced ingredients that reaffirm the direct connection between land and plate. In honor of our commitment to sustainability, we are featuring a special, our ZERO Waste Cocktail, from May 9 - 22

Crafted with repurposed ingredients grown in our restaurant, this cocktail highlights citrus cordial derived from fresh juiced citrus, honey derived from our beehives and served over an ice rock made in-house. Garnished with bee pollen from our rooftop beehive, a citrus rind and microgreens grown in-house.

ZERO Waste Cocktail | $16
woody creek bourbon, citrus cordial, honey, ginger liqueur, bee pollen, microgreens, served over an ice rock

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